The San Diego Seals’ commitment to the City of San Diego is to immerse ourselves in the local community, promoting philanthropy, good citizenship, and growing the game of lacrosse throughout Southern California. Our year-round presence in San Diego includes a commitment to programming in our local schools.

There are three programs available:

  • HEALTHY, ACTIVE LIFESTYLE – This program focuses on being active, eating healthy, getting the right amount of sleep, and being a good student.
  • ANTI-BULLYING – This program focuses on an anti-bullying message.
  • INTRO TO LACROSSE – This program is best for Physical Education classes, and focuses on instruction about the game of Lacrosse.

The programs run anywhere from 30-40 minutes, but we suggest blocking off an hour of your day to allow for gathering and dismissing the students, etc. Each student will be given an official Seals Certificate of Completion, which will be redeemable for two complimentary tickets to a Seals regular-season game in the 2019-20 season.

You can download an informational sheet with more details about our school programs here. To apply for a program at your school, fill out the form on this page!